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Rentals Praia Grande

Located on the southern coast of the State of São Paulo, Praia Grande municipality is one of the most popular destinations in the region. In high season, the site usually receives about one and a half million tourists, almost five times the size of its population, which is just over 270,000 inhabitants.

Considered during the first nine years of the 21st century as "the fastest growing city in Brazil," Praia Grande is in full development. The location is defined by the state government as a seaside resort, because it fulfills prerequisites set by law to receive this title. In practice, this allows the city receives more funding from the government to invest in improvements in infrastructure to receive tourists.

The residential, full of options and accelerated desenvolimento, Praia Grande

The coast of Praia Grande has 23 kilometers long and eleven beaches: Praia do Forte, Guilhermina, Boqueirao (city center), Aviation, Ocian, Tupi, Solemar, Caiçara Vila Mirim Village, Royal Garden and Balneario Florida, with bike path by the whole border. Besides the beaches, the city has many other attractions, leisure and sport. 

Top Praia Grande beaches

The main beaches that make up the Praia Grande are: Praia do Boqueirão, Aviation Beach Guilhermina Beach, the Ocen / Tupy Beach, Itaipu Praia do Forte, Forte View Itaipu, Caicara Beach and Solemar Beach. Spread over 22.5 km long, with wide range of dark sand and beat, in seasons receive large numbers of tourists, has stations saved lives and their border is divided by neighborhoods Boqueirão, Guilhermina, Aviation, Canto Forte, Ocian Vila Caiçara, Vila Mirim, Solemar and Balneario Florida. It is in its waterfront the visitor can glimpse beautiful landscapes surrounded by more than 10,000 palm trees, and enjoy parks, playgrounds, hotels on the seafront, community centers, enjoy the many seafood dishes made by a wide variety of restaurants scattered in the vicinity, and enjoy the vibrant nightlife of the many bars in the area.

tourist attractions and oints of Praia Grande

Fortaleza Itaipu

You can not go to Long Beach and not visit the Itaipu Fortress or also called the Itaipu Fortress, which has over 100 years of history and weekend offers an eco-tour and history at the same time. The tour is a must and is recommended for the whole family, because from it, you can learn many things. In the green of fantastic rainforest of Itaipu Morro, you will find three forts that are landmarks of military engineering, they are: The Jurubatuba, the Duque de Caxias and Rego Barros. And for you to program just right, know that the tours are made on Saturdays and Sundays at 10h and 15h. Enjoy!


Portinho is one of the most beautiful and unknown leisure areas of the south coast of São Paulo. There, you can find attractions for all ages and tastes. For those not exempt the sport or travel, know that there is a wide field of football, perfect for playing those "naked" with friends and family, who like you, love a football partidinha. But if you give will navigate you can choose between the boats, sailing, rowing and even professional fishing vessels. And when hunger hit, try to install one of 23 kiosks available, there you can make that tasty barbecue, just the way you like, or choose to have lunch / dinner in this restaurant instead.

Craft fairs

Craft is all good, is not it? So if you're a fan of these little beauties, how about a little shopping in Praia Grande? Since there, there are four fairs that are home to more than 300 artisans. The feirinhas are very busy and are home power sectors, so if hunger hit, you know. But stay tuned for the sites because you will only find the fairs in Guilhermina beaches, Ociam and Caiçara. Oh, and get ready to not get out of there empty handed as there are crafts drives that will satisfy all tastes.

Cultural Complex Palace of Arts

If you are passionate about arts, a good choice is to visit and venture the charms of the Cultural Complex Palace of Big Beach Arts. Are 6000 square meters of pure art, which makes the place one of the most important complex of art of the region. The palace impresses visitors inside and out. Its facade leaves anyone surprised, because it presents neoclassic air, with appliques and sandblasted paintings. Inside, it seems film thing because it follows the contemporary style and enchants everyone for their charm and elegance. When entering the palace you will know: The Gallery Nilton Zanotti, the City Museum and the Teatro Serafim Gonzales. So we want a ride full of learning for you and your family.

In addition to these and many other attractions, another fact worth mentioning is the celebration in celebration of Yemanja in December, which occurs in Vila Mirim, with processions, prayers and delivery offerings.

Events in Praia Grande 

Celebration of Yemanja

One of the most traditional festivals of Praia Grande, the Celebrations of Yemanja annually attracts tens of thousands of people. For this, the local municipality provides all the necessary infrastructure as a platform mounted in front of Yemanja statue in Mirim Bairro, and 32 showers and 11 points of electricity spread through the sand track vicinity of about 1.5 km where tributes will be made. During the festivities, the Castello Avenue White will be interdicted at the time the street Otto Carlos Golanda, until January 1, being the closest beach to access free via the street on March 31. The registered buses leave their passengers at Castello Avenue white, heading for the parking space in Alvorada, Neighborhood Stillness. The festival takes place on 5 and 6 and 12 and 13 December.

Great Moto Point Beach

The Praia Grande Point Moto is a motorcycle event that takes place every 2nd Sunday of each month, which in the space of seven months since its inception, has been attracting a huge amount of people. In addition to the tour riders, the event has several concerts, ballet presentation and free barbecue.

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