TemporadaLivre terms of service

The use of our portal implies to acceptance the terms of service below

Terms for travelers and advertisers

1. Proper use of the website

The use of TemporadaLivre must be guided by good faith conduct. The portal is intended exclusively to facilitate the conversation between legitimate travelers, who wish to rent any of the properties listed, with the respective advertisers.

Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to use the portal to communicate about any other reason, such as:

  • Disclose any products and services other than the properties shown on TemporadaLivre
  • Disclose any website or portal, active in any line of business, even if it does not compete with TemporadaLivre

In addition, it is forbidden to download the images of the ads served on the TemporadaLivre portal, for any purpose, as well as the copy of the information of the ads (description, characteristics) for the purpose of reproduce the ad on any other website or portal.

TemporadaLivre reserves the right to suspend, for an indefinite period of time, for inquiries, the account of any advertiser or traveler who violates such rules.

Once the violations are confirmed, the portal will take the appropriate measures in the civil and criminal sphere, based on the Intellectual Property Law and the Civil Code.

2. The safety of travelers

TemporadaLivre ensures the safety of all participants in our community. All advertisers served on our portal undergo a rigorous anti-fraud analysis in order to verify their legitimacy, which then receives the 'verified advertiser' seal in their ads.

TemporadaLivre reserves the right to deny the provision of service to any advertiser who refuses to forward the required documentation, within the stated period.

3. Data privacy

TemporadaLivre ensures the privacy of all conversations by all participants in our community. All conversations on our platform are subject to manual review by our team for the purpose of verifying compliance with our Terms of Service. In addition to this hypothesis, we will only disclose them if required by court order.

You can access our privacy policy to be informed in more detail.