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Vacation Rentals in Matinhos

Matinhos is a lovely municipality in the state of Paran√°. Was named for the abundance of undergrowth (sandbank), typical of the Paran√° coastal plain, which suffered sociocultural influence of the settlers of Paranagu√° and later of Guaratuba, because it is midway between the two cities. It's a super nice place where many families and / or groups of friends enjoying the summer. After all, there is nothing better than enjoying this hot time of the year next to people we love, is not it? And you and your family this summer, how about putting Matinhos as an option? I bet you will not regret it, huh. Think of the possibility.

History Matinhos

Among Caiob√° and South Pontal, the sandy beach is interrupted for a few tens of meters, for a rocky shore of insignificant height. There, who traveled from Paranagu√° and Guaratuba by marine shore was forced to leave the beach and go through a stretch of sandbank just over 100 meters, and then return to the beach to get to Caiob√°. This low forest sandy stretch (sandbank forest, rich in epiphytes) was known as Matinho (without the "s"). In the vicinity in the north flowed into a small river, which received horm√īnico top√īnimo. It was a Rio Matinho, cited in 1820 by Saint Hilaire, now rectified and channeled.

Designating Matinho, usual in those days, is the old maps. More recently the name was changed to Matinhos.

Tourism: Things to Do in Matinhos


In the city center is the Ecological Museum Joao Jose Bigarella which has in its collection collections of corals, minerals, crustaceans, shells, animals, and other rarities. much worth knowing, especially if they are accompanied by small, they love this amazing world that brings together the beauty of the sea.


Along the Riviera Spas and Long Beach State Park is the River of Oz. With 118.5 hectare area, it is situated on the sandy plain of the coast. Rich in flora and fauna the park is an important role in preserving the coastal ecosystem.


Several surrounding the city, among which: if: Ox Hill: has approximately 160 meters high, with trails leading to the sea, is great spot for fishing, technical climbing, paragliding and hiking. Morro Escalvado: 260 meters, also known as Morro da Cruz, has put access trails and provides a clear day, beautiful view of almost all the beaches and towns of our coast. Other hills in the area are: Cinnamon, Cabaraquara, Tagu√°, Furna, Bent Beak, Batatal and Whitestone.


On the beach Caiob√° you will find the island of Turtles or Lighthouse. It is small and covered with a rich flora. Also known by the existing lighthouse on the site, which guides the boats entering the bay. Moreover, it is an excellent place for fishing, but access is restricted due to depredation suffered.

Water park

In Alexandra-Matinhos highway at kilometer 20, it is located the Water Park Aguas Claras. With great structure it provides leisure in their pools and beautiful fishing lakes.

Beaches in Matinhos

The city has several seaside resorts such as: Corals, Jussara, pedalo, Guacyara, corrals, Ipacaraí, Betaras, Solimar, Marajó, Saint Etienne, Florida, Riviera I and II, Flamingo, beyond Caiobá seaside resort, which is the main and is divided in:

Brava Beach: with shallow water and a little rough where surf championships are held;

Mansa: more calm and shallow waters. Through it you can access the Beautiful Beach, Amores Beach and Turtle Island.

Properties in Matinhos

The city of Matinhos can be harnessed with more freedom and causality in the case of a rent during the season. This is because the site structure is conducive to this freer and more independent approach from visitors. Through Matinhos in season rentals can enjoy better and more comfort all the attractions of the place, that combine natural beauty with the peace and quiet of a more private environment.

Apartments for rent in Matinhos

The city's main source of tourism economy, then, modern apartments in buildings with several floors abound in the center of the city of Matinhos. Therefore, the options for you to rent an apartment are many.

TemporadaLivre have different options of apartments in the city. Among them, some in the city center, or in paradisiacal beaches with balcony facing the sea.

When searching for a property to rent during the season the site, use the smart filters to choose the property that best suits your desires! It is up there on the left. You can filter the amount of people that the house holds, has swimming pool, barbecue, air conditioning, distance from the sea and many other options to choose the property that is your face!

Houses for rent in Matinhos

For those who prefer to stay in a large, airy home to a large number of people, the island also does not lack. In TemporadaLivre you find a great real estate catalog for rent in Matinhos, for everyone, in various prices and various beaches.

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