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Vacation Rentals Maresias

Located in the city of San Sebastian on the north coast of São Paulo, the beach Maresias is one of the busiest destinations and youth in the region. Its edge is 5 kilometers long, with clear and soft sand.

Maresias is 176 km from São Paulo city, and is much visited especially in high season. It has excellent infrastructure for tourists, with a good range of bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

Maresias became known worldwide from the mid-1980s, when it was invaded by surfers who only had access to the site through a dirt road. With strong and big waves, it is the scene of several surf championships, local and international.

Besides surfing, the bodyboard enthusiasts also quite frequent the place. The Corner Moreira, the south side of the beach is the perfect spot for surfers. The central square in front of the sea also has a skating rink, making the region a center for extreme sports.

The beach is surrounded by beautiful and lush vegetation of the Atlantic Forest, and is one of the most sought after by young people, beautiful and cool. As busy as the beach during the day is the nightlife of place: bars and liveliest nightspots take account setting as the evening arrives.

Gastronomy is another high point of Maresias. The area restaurants offer variety of dishes using fresh fish and seafood, with sophistication and unique flavors.

Things to Do in Maresias

Boat trips

To start the day, nothing better than a good boat ride, is not it? Further, if this tour is through the beautiful green waters of Maresias. That's awesome. You can not lose. After all, you will have the opportunity to find beautiful landscapes during path, which can not only how to be registered. So do not forget to bring your camera, see? For every minute a new surprise. It's worth super call the family and enjoy every moment of the ride.


And for duty adventurous, good practice is a dive and know the mysteries of the deep sea Maresias. Recalling that the dips can be made in the Cats Islands, Toque Toque and Wheat heap. At last, even you can perform cylinder dives. And if you are a beginner in this activity, do not worry, because the local operators offer four-day courses. After learning, impossible not to adopt the practice.

Trail to Paúba

Another excellent option activity is the trail as well as you do a physical activity, you are presented with the solid green of nature with every step. It is a must. And for you to locate, know that the left side of the beach Maresias, after crossing the river, you will find the path that we are talking to the nearby beach, Paúba. But remember that the track should be done with the help of guides (Association Friends of the Atlantic Forest). And even if you're not used to pace along well to try, because the walk lasts about 30 minutinhos and beyond to make a damned good health, in the end, you will be very well compensated with an incredible view of the two beaches: Maresias and Paúba.

Like waterfalls

In addition to the beautiful beaches and the Atlantic Forest incredible, San Sebastian reservation several waterfalls that are ideal for anyone who wants to take a totally refreshing shower or even for those who want to venture in a descent with ropes. That is, the waterfalls are a good choice both for quieter, and for the most agitated.

One of the most beautiful waterfalls in the region, for example, is Paúba, which has several falls and a visual breathtaking. This, not to mention other waterfalls that are well known and are always visited by tourists. As is the case waterfall Toque Toque Beach, which has natural pools of fresh and chilled water, and the Calhetas, which is success among practitioners cascating (down by rappelling waterfalls). There are several options, is not it? Just choose the one that pleased him and go, or even book a small space in the day to visit all.

Surf and SUP lessons

And then, it is to learn a new sport this summer? If so, I guarantee that your body and your mind thank because exercise are always welcome and do very well not only for physical health but also mental health. So, choose your already! You have two options, the Surf and Stand Up Paddle. Recalling that both require concentration and balance. But this is no problem because a team of professionals are at your disposal on the beach of Maresias, to give all the help and guidance needed. That is, there is no excuse to stay out of this healthy pace of summer, huh?

Nightlife Maresias

Whoever thinks that Maresias is hype only during the day, as the night the beach is also usually quite busy. As well as various bars and restaurants in the area, the beach has ballads for all tastes and pockets. That is, the fun is guaranteed for everyone. Because, for those who prefer a lighter night and chat with friends, good is to enjoy a bar. And for those who want to "rock the skeletons" and meet new people, nothing better than a good ballad, is not it? So if you find that your nights would be discouraged in Maresias, now you know that there is no shortage there is hustle and hype.

Vacation Rentals Maresias

A tip to enjoy the weekend, holiday or vacation in the area is the rental season in Maresias. With more convenience and privacy, choose houses or apartments for Free Season are the ideal choice for small or large groups who want to make the most of the moments of relaxation and fun.

Rentals in Maresias

Houses for Vacation Rentals in Maresias can be selected as the required number of rooms and facilities like barbecue, swimming pool, parking spaces, proximity to the beach, among other factors that can make your trip even more complete and fun.

Apartments for rent in Maresias

Apartments for Vacation Rentals in Maresias also offer complete ease at the best prices, all to make your stay in Maresias Beach is fully profitable and unforgettable!

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Photos: Eugeni Dodonov, Ricardo Oliveira, Carla Arena