How does TemporadaLivre work ?

Help for travelers

TemporadaLivre is the best real estate classified website for Vacation Rental in Brazil.

On one side, property owners, brokers and real estate advertise their properties by entering the photos and the characteristics of each.

On the other side, millions of travelers just like you use the site to find the best options of houses and apartments for rent per season throughout Brazil and even abroad.

In january/2020, we surpassed the milestone of 4.000.000 (4 million) views in a single month .

If you are interested in any properties, you can get in touch directly with the advertiser, either by email (using the contact form that appears in the ad page) or by calling the advertiser (the phone numbers also appears in the ad).

Remember that TemporadaLivre does not make any intermediation in the lease, does not charge any commissions and has no responsability in the rental whatsoever.

How do I find vacation rental properties in my desired location ?

It's very simple. In the main page, just type the name of the city / beach or desired neighborhood. That's it! A variety of houses and apartments for rent with all the necessary information will be at your disposal.

Clicking on a property, the ad opens below, on the same screen. To see another ad, simply you scroll the screen up and click next.

We show four properties at a time in the list; simply click the 'Next' button to load 4 more, and so on.

Interested in a property? Just contact the advertiser directly by phone, or by using the contact form to the advertiser 'to the left of the pictures.

How do I rent a property I liked ?

TemporadaLivre does not participate in the arrangement between advertiser and traveler. We're just an online classified website. Therefore, the contract and payment are made directly to the advertiser. We are not aware of the negotiations made and we do not get paid any commissions.

What guarantees do I have the deal is legitimate ?

TemporadaLivre does not give any guarantees of the veracity or suitability of the properties listed in its website, and that's for a simple reason: we are just an online classified, so we don't participate in the negotiation between the parties and we don't get paid any comissions.

Think of TemporadaLivre as a real estate classified like a newspaper; that is, just like the newspaper classifieds, we do not make-ups and even as we learn that a deal was struck between advertiser and traveler.

Like any classified, we do not know the advertiser personally and we cannot give the tourist any warranty whatsoever.

Thus, it is important to find out about the real existence of property and seek references about the advertiser before making any deposit.

If you have any questions of the property existence, contact the advertiser and ask for something that he can show, for example, a utility bill, property tax, property registration, etc.

It is also important that you research about the advertiser on social networks and check out reviews posted on it, and also ask for referrals to the advertiser.

TemporadaLivre, being just a classified, bears no responsibility for the contract eventually signed between advertiser and traveler.

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