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Vacation Rentals in Pontal do Paraná

The Pontal do Paraná is a municipality in the state will stop. As in all Brazilian coast, it was originally populated by indigenous and today is one of the main destinations of tourists from every corner of Brazil, and also Argentine, Paraguayan and Chilean tourists. This is because they are attracted by the beautiful scenery and rare beauty spread in its 23 kilometers of white sand, warm and clean water, being an irresistible invitation to closely monitored long walks by seagulls and boobies that greet visitors with their synchronized flights on the waves to the sea.

What to see in Pontal do Paraná


The city has no less that 23km of coastline, where are 48 resorts with good bathing and conditions for bathing, which are the main ones:

Pontal do Sul; Las Vegas; Patrick II; Miami; Itapua; Guapé; New village; Atami; Iracema; Guaruja; Barranco; Shangri-La; Miramar; St. Joseph; Ipe; Marissol; Marinês garden; Beltrame; Jacaranda Garden; Mirassol; Luciane; Carmery; Marisa; Garden Canada; Uirapuru corner; San Carlos; Porto Fino; Beautiful beach; Leblon; Boat; Santa Terezinha; canoes; East Beach; Santa Monica; Rosewood Village; Irapuan; Majoraine; Spring; Santa Fe; Grajaú; Andaraí; Santa Rita Sea; Ipanema I; Ipanema II; Ipanema III; Ipanema IV; Guarapari and Monsoons.


The'll stop Pontal is rich in spas drives. Can you choose one or, simply, know all. One at a time. In total, 5, as follows: The Spa of South Pontal, East Beach, Santa Terezinha, the Shangri-la and Ipanema.

Community Guaraguaçu

Located on the Rio Guaraguaçu margins, the place is suitable for sport fishing, there are two marinas, craft stalls and Ecological Guaraguaçu road leading indigenous Guarani community M'byá and most Sambaqui and in addition, account with farms that serve the local cuisine (by reservation).

Ecological Guaraguaçu road

The road stretches for about 26 km to the Spa of Pontal do Sul, bordering the river Guaraguaçu. Its layout was done in order to turn the Pontal do Sul town by land to Paranaguá, held in the mid 50. As paving, the shells were used found in middens that can be observed throughout the route. Currently the road is used as a way to private property, access to fishing grounds and ecotourism practices such as International Walk in Nature that the municipality carries out every year.

Sambaqui Guaraguaçu

The Sambaqui Guaraguaçu has truncated cone shape and it is estimated that average originally 300 meters long, 10 meters wide and over 20 meters high. They are actually two superimposed middens, and the bottom 10 meters high and the other top with currently 11 meters. In the excavations carried out from 1957, the Federal University of Paraná, found material composed of blades of knives, axes, awls, whale bones discs, shark teeth and the datings of the lower of sambaqui layers are of 2,270 years, considered, despite its size and magnificence, a recent sambaqui. At his side are located remains of the secular oven, historical record of the colonial destruction where the shells were transformed into lime, besides the vegetation that surrounds it. To get to sambaqui is necessary to pass by the indigenous Guarani community M'byá, which considers it a sacred site where their ancestors.

Culture house

The House of Culture is in the former headquarters "Balneario Ipanema Club" where took place the most famous dances of carnival. It has a space for traveling and permanent exhibitions and a collection which includes parts, photos, documents donated by the community and the record of the steps to the city's emancipation. During is home to social projects for children and adolescents from public schools, it is still used for conducting technical events. The carnival is offered a children's ball.

Mangrove Municipal Natural Park of Rio Pereque

The park covers an area of ​​16.2 hectares, created with the aim of preserving the ecosystem of manguezais.Na park headquarters are held cultural and environmental education activities. It also has a library and a video library. Visitors can make the track micuin (665 meters) and know the mangrove ecosystems and sandbank.

lha of Currais

Aside from the coast, it has small pebbly beach. There are trails inside. The island is under the care of the Center for Marine Studies - CEM. Formed by three small islands is the coastal region with more clean water, perfect for fishing and diving.

Shag Island

Larger than the corrals, the island is surrounded by rock cliffs. It is located near the tip of the Ilha do Mel. The landing is difficult and there is no beach or wharfs and the waves are very strong. Located 3 km from the Spa of South Pontal.

Rent for the season in Pontal do Paraná

The city of Pontal do Paraná can be harnessed with more freedom and casualness in the case of a rent during the season. This is because the site structure is conducive to this freer and more independent approach from visitors. Through the season rentals in Pontal do Paraná you can enjoy better and more comfort all the attractions of the place, that combine natural beauty with the peace and quiet of a more private environment.

Apartments for rent in Pontal do Paraná

The city's main source of tourism economy, then, modern apartments in buildings with several floors abound in the center of the city of Pontal do Paraná. Therefore, the options for you to rent an apartment are many.

TemporadaLivre have different options of apartments in the city. Among them, some in the city center, or in paradisiacal beaches with balcony facing the sea.

When searching for a property to rent during the season the site, use the smart filters to choose the property that best suits your desires! It is up there on the left. You can filter the amount of people that the house holds, has swimming pool, barbecue, air conditioning, distance from the sea and many other options to choose the property that is your face!

Houses for rent in Pontal do Paraná

For those who prefer to stay in a large, airy home to a large number of people, the island also does not lack. In TemporadaLivre you find a great real estate catalog for rent in Pontal do Paraná, for everyone, in various prices and various beaches.

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