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Vacation Rentals in Copacabana 

Apartaments for Rent in Copacabana 

The properties available for rent per season are full of styles and charm. In addition, of course, to be very well located, because you will have the "privilege" to stay near the Atlantic Avenue and enjoy the best that the neighborhood has to offer in every way.

Vacations in Copacabana or business trip? Does not matter. The best, and most practical option, is to rent apartment by the season. Anyone who has tested, has proven. A seasonal apartment is more advantageous in the most varied senses. It is not only the price that appeals to the travelers' pocket. The comfort, the comfort, the privacy are details that count a lot and that make the seasonal property the right choice.

On the TemporadaLivre website you will find furnished apartments for rent in Copacabana, with great location, good taste and style. The apartments available in Temporada Livre have a very carioca way and lots of charm. From the location to the decoration of the real estate, everything reflects the charm of one of the most talked about beaches in the world. It will reunite the family and the friends and come to know the Princess of the Sea and all its charms.

Copacabana Beach

Houses to rent in Copacabana 

For those who prefer to stay in a large, airy house for a large number of people, the neighborhood also does not leave anything to be desired. In Temporada Livre you will find a great catalog of properties for rent in Copacabana, for all tastes, in the most varied prices and in several beaches.

Copacabana is not just a beach. It is an experience . Only renting in Copacabana you can really experience it in all its details

Copacabana of bossa nova, chopp and beautiful girl 

A noble neighborhood in the south of Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana has been so much sung, and so widely spoken, that anything else that is said sounds like a cliché. But it does not tire, because the Little Princess remains beautiful. Its blue sea, its bronzed people and its landscapes appear in any postcard when one talks about the beauties of Brazil. Its boardwalk with the famous waves has already inspired and inspires designers from all over the world. They are 7.8 km² of pure charm.

The attractions of Copacabana beach range from the simplest to the most glamorous, such as coconut water kiosks, juice houses, famous canga vendors, to the incredible glamor of the Copacabana Palace. There you find many beautiful and tanned people, and you may even have the luck to cross with some famous walking. Of the rich and the poor, this is Copacabana, but with one soul: Carioca. The carioca way of being embraces and welcomes all the tribes in the Marvelous City. The famous Carioca accent impresses foreigners and makes many learn a few words in Portuguese, but they insist on pronouncing "carioques", of course.

The neighborhood is full of restaurants, starred bars and taverns serving the famous feijoada carioca and the chopp beeem ice cream. Designer shops and the popular fair dispute the diverse clientele of Copacabana. And believe me, there's room for everyone. It is worth to book an afternoon to "hit a leg" both in the Griffins Shops and in the fair, after all, to give yourself and others is always very good .. not to mention, of course, that a trip deserves those traditional souvenirs, To take home or to relatives, friends and co-workers.

At Avenida Atlântica, it is super easy to find furnished apartments for rent by season in Copacabana. The beach has more than 80 hotels, but to really experience the day to day life of one of the world's famous neighborhoods, even in a seasonal rental property. The cold chopp in the corner bar, the hubris of the kid playing on the sidewalk will be part of your vacation and leave them well cariocas and with a taste of want more. Yes, you will leave Rio but Rio will not leave you. Whenever you can, you will want to take a little - though small - trip through Rio de Janeiro. Even because, there are those who do not fall in love with this place. Besides, you're likely to want to stay in Rio for good. That's right. Live in the wonderful city. Ever wonder? It looks like a dream!

Esqueça casas numa região tão vertical e valorizada. Em Copacabana você encontrará apartamentos e flats para alugar por temporada

And he thought of Copacabana, he thought of New Year, did not he? The traditional, and beautiful, fire-burning improves every year and takes thousands of people to their sands to toast the New Year. Get out of your rental apartment in Copacabana, walk a few meters and enjoy one of the most beautiful and famous parties in the world. Celebrate the New Year's Eve in style and in one of the most desired places in the world, not only for the commemorative date but also for the other 364 days of the year.

Rio de Janeiro's carnival (Ahhh, the carnival) is also famous and it takes crowds of tourists to the city to watch the parades of the Samba Schools and to "fall" in samba. The Copacabana carnival has a more nostalgic feel. The blocks brighten the streets of the neighborhood making a carnival as before and showing the bohemian side of Copacabana. But since you're on vacation in the city, you've been smart and saved money by staying in comfort in a furnished apartment by Season in Rio de Janeiro, consider the possibility of sumptuous, luxurious and expensive, Copa Ball.

Some tours are indispensable to know a little about the history of the city that, before Brasilia, was the capital of the country. Confeitaria Colombo, for example, was founded in 1894 and has an ideal sea view to be observed from the tables outside while you enjoy a coffee and one of the several classic and delicious sweets that the house offers. It is so traditional that it has had clients like Chiquinha Gonzaga, Olavo Bilac, Villa-Lobos, Juscelino Kubitschek, among others.

Another option, still in the Copacabana neighborhood, is the old and preserved Church of Nossa Senhora da Candelária, XVIII and is considered as the first church of Rio de Janeiro, besides being the most imposing and grandios.

Conhecer the Copacabana Fort is an indispensable tour for those who visit Rio de Janeiro. The tour is undoubtedly a guarantee of a good deal of history, culture and a breathtaking view of the city. Oh, and also take advantage of the thematic museum, which concentrates a series of facilities built in 1914 as part of the former defense system of the former federal capital of Brazil.

Sunset in Copacabana is wonderful. Rent a apartment facing the sea ( or perhaps a cover ) and enjoy this unique spectacle of nature and ubarnidade

What to see and do in Copacabana 

As we have already said, Copacabana is one of the most incredible places to spend those long awaited vacations, because it is in the region where there are good seasonal properties and strategically located in terms transportation and ease of transportation. More than a beach, the neighborhood has historical sites and places to go, including ecological ones, with beautiful views.

Among its local attractions, first of all, comes the beach, where you can sunbathe and play sports During the day, and go out for a beautiful walk at dusk or at night - even because, physical activities can not "go on vacation".

The beach, which is considered the most famous and known in the world is about 6km long , And from the beach you can see the Sugar Loaf and Morro do Leme, both rocky mountains and with green slopes. The last kilometer of the extensive stretch of sand on the east side of the beach between Princesa Isabel Avenue and Morro do Leme is called Leme Beach.

There is always a lot of movement in the sands of Copacabana during the day or on the busy boardwalk at night, Like people drinking beers or juices, eating, chatting, walking and strolling, in the end, getting distracted and enjoying themselves to the fullest.

And besides being able to enjoy the sunny days of the beach, know that there are other interesting attractions there for you to see And do, you know? Check it out!

To begin with, take a picture with the statue of Drummound, after all, there is no way to go to Copacabana and return without a "selfie" with that nice gentleman.

Another place that deserves some photos, is the famous Copacabana Palace. A place that lavishes charm and elegance. The preferred hotel of the artists, be they national or international. And, of course, one of the symbols of architecture in Rio. That is, do not miss the opportunity to take a picture .. you may regret coming home without a little reminder of this famous hotel.

And what about enjoying Sunday under two wheels , huh? That's it! Pedal Besides being great for health, walking along the track that is closed to the cars, can offer not only a view but also a much healthier and healthy Sunday. So, rent the bike, prepare the shoes and "bora" pedalar in this postcard and in that wonderful climate that is the climate of Rio.

Good, and what you tell me to enjoy the view of Sugar Loaf and Morro do Rudder, eh? Both are awesome! Gorgeous, to tell you the truth. So, do not forget to take a little time to know and enjoy these beauties that God made, after all, he did, he saw. Taking a cold coconut water is always good, right?

But drinking coconut water at one of the Avenida Atlantica kiosks is even better. After all, besides the stunning view of the beach, you have, before your eyes and under your feet, the most famous boardwalk in the world. At dusk, enjoy the spectacle of the sunset, next to a drink, on the sidewalk tables Of Colombo Confectionery. You will love! Why not, it is not every day that we can enjoy the sunset of one of the most beautiful places in the world, right?

To start the night in full steam, go to the traditional Boteco Belmonte with friends and order a very cold beer to Accompany the delicious cod and shrimp dumplings, while you catch up. That's a program, you see? But only to start at night, since there is more ..

And to end the night with a golden key, there is nothing better than enjoying a ballad at Fosfobox. So, call your friends and get ready to dance and have fun muchoooo!

Rent an apartment in Copacabana in TemporadaLivre

Curiosities of Copacabana 

The most famous boardwalk in the world Idealizado by Burle Marx, the beautiful promenade of Avenida Atlântica is known worldwide. I Nspirado in the pavement of Lisbon, is formed by Portuguese white and black stones, that make up a mosaic in the form of the waves of the sea. The sidewalk has already influenced stylists from around the world as well as Brazilian composers who cite the famous boardwalk of Copacabana in their music.

Avenida Atlântida Central Boardwalk 

The urban-landscape design of the central sidewalk of Avenida Atlântica, one of the main thoroughfares of the neighborhood, is also authored by Roberto Burle Marx and was registered in 1991 by the State Institute of Cultural Heritage. Currently, the place is also home to the Copacabana Craft Fair in the evening.

Santa Cruz de Copacabana Church 

Located on the third floor of the Copacabana shopping mall, Santa Cruz Church of Copacabana ends up being overlooked by those who walk down Siqueira Campos Street, one of the busiest streets in the neighborhood. But the small temple is already over 50 years old. It was inaugurated on May 3, 1961, at the liturgical feast of the "exaltation of the Holy Cross." The act was presided over by then Cardinal Dom Jaime de Barros Câmara.

Antique shops of the city of Copacabana 

With entrances through the streets Siqueira Campos and Figueiredo Magalhães, the city of Copacabana shopping began to be known as the antique shops. Not for less: of the 250 stores, 44 are antique. Almost all are concentrated on the second floor. However, already on the first floor you can find some shops that sell chandeliers and other antique pieces.

Wonderful Orla Copacabana beach RJ

Statue of Drummound

The poet Carlos Drummond de Andrade was honored, in 2002, with a statue in the year of his birth. Sitting on a bench, with his back to the sea, the life-size image of the poet from Minas Gerais became one of the most visited spots on Copacabana Beach. The monument is surrounded daily by tourists and locals, who take photos at their side.

A Polish Restaurant

Polish classics - such as goulash, borscht, stuffed cabbage, frozen vodka and chocolate souffle - can be enjoyed in Copacabana. Even in the decoration - with maps and photos, among them that of Pope John Paul II -, the typical restaurant A Polonesa refers to the Poles. It works at Rua Hilário de Gouveia 116 for about 60 years.

Cantina Donanna

As a typical Italian canteen, the Donanna has tables covered with plaid tablecloth and walls with pictures of cities like Venice and Agrigento. Owner Anna Maria Oraci, who immigrated to Rio in 1957, is responsible for the homemade pasta, such as spaghetti and pennies, which can be watered with more than ten sauce options.

The name Copacabana

There are hypotheses for the name of the charming district of the South Zone. One point that the term would have come from the Quechua language, spoken ancient Inca Empire, meaning "luminous place", "blue beach" or "blue lookout." Other currents suggest that the name Copacabana originates from the Aymara language, spoken in Bolivia, meaning "view of the Iago" (kota kahuana).

Copacabana is the name of a Bolivian city, located on the shores of Lake Titicaca, founded on an ancient Place of worship Inca.

Advertise your real estate your real estate in Copacabana 

If you are an owner or real estate agent (real estate broker) and want to rent real estate in Copacabana, know that TemporadaLivre is the best rental portal for Brazil. Do not lose time: see how to advertise seasonal property and put your real estate to work for you!

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