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Vacation Rentals in Mundaí Beach

Mundaí is located just four kilometers from the center of Porto Seguro. For those going towards the north, this is the first beach. Ideal for families and children, and perfect for diving due to its clean and calm waters. The sand is thick and makes the joy of all with the shells brought by the sea.

With many huts that serve great delicacies, you will not regret just pass by. If you're a little stressed out, enjoy relaxing under the coconut trees, which make Mundaí a place with "painting" postcard.

But not only calm you will find there, he saw. The huge and agitadíssima tent Toa-Toa, which is close to the beach with his ax, shows and dancers with choreography lambaeróbica you waiting to chime at any time of day. Not old, just join the dance and shake the skeleton.

There are also helicopter tours, where you can enjoy the beautiful view of this beautiful beach on the heights. Oh, and a good choice to escape the hustle and bustle is in Jamaica Bar, with its blues sound, rock and reggae.

The Mundaí Beach is a perfect place for all kinds of preferences. And the natives are very hospitable and friendly. The big risk you run is one: Do not want to go there ever again.

Vacation Homes in Mundaí Beach

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Rentals in Mundaí Beach

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