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Vacation Rentals Torres

Located in the Rio Grande do Sul coast, Torres is the city with the most beautiful beaches in the state. Part of this beauty is due to the cliffs that form a cinematic landscape, and the main reason for tourists to go to the city.

Another important aspect is the events and parties. Torres is stirred with various programs to do during the day and night. Among them is the International Festival of Ballooning held annually.

Beautiful by nature

Torres has always been the main destination of the gauchos who live in cities without beaches. Lately, the city has attracted more tourists from other regions and countries. For the mild climate and the beauty they are unique.

The Guarita Beach is the main promenade of the city. Located within the Guarita Park, a conservation unit, the place is very popular for families and youth groups. Because of the rough sea, the beach so good waves for surfing. The search for second homes in Torres is always high because the region has many things to do.

How to perform seasonal rentals Torres

For Free Season, the beauty of this city has to be seen live. So if you are planning a trip for vacation, check out Vacation Rentals Torres. We have the best options to ensure a fun ride.

Attractions Torres

In Torres in Rio Grande do Sul, there is no "bad time". There, no one stands. As there are numerous activities to stir the vacation and / or the weekend. Anyone who has visited the city knows very well. And if you, shake, not dispenses a ride, you're in the right place. Next we will show some activities / tours to Torres, check.

Lighthouse Hill

Preserves the lighthouse built in 1912 and houses the North Tower, where one can see the island of Lobos, the dunes, the Guitar Lagoon and the other two rock formations that give name to the city, and, of course, the beaches.

little beach

The main attraction is not so much the beach, but the lawn is in front, which is a meeting point for young people to take mate, enjoy the sun and make small talk.

Ballooning Festival

For five beautiful days, the sky Torres wins different colors. The date for the festival this year has not yet been disclosed. The event shows and competitions among pilots. Programming is during the day, depending on weather conditions. Entrance to the Ballooning Park is free, but some shows may be charged.


It is where are the South Tower and the Environment, two of the rock formations that give the town its name. A staircase leads to the top of them. You can reach the park on foot, from Cal Beach, or car, the Caxias do Sul Street.

Boat to the Island of Lobos

The main attraction is to see the sea lions and fur seals that inhabit the nature reserve. Depending on the season, it is also possible to see whales (Aug / Sep), porpoises and seagulls. The boat leaves the pier, circles the island and, in turn, passes the Praia Grande (45 minutes, US $ 40, from 9 am, at least 15 people). Another route also leads to Praia da Guarita (1:15 a.m., R $ 50, departing at 11am, 15h and 17h, minimum 20 people) and runs the waterfront towers.


The dunes have created a natural divider between the strip of sand and the pavement of Beira Mar Avenue. Some of the hotels are there. On boardwalk, kiosks and stalls are youth group points to gather.

Vacation Rentals in Torres

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