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Rentals Natal

The beautiful city of Natal, the state capital of Rio Grande do Norte, only helps to strengthen and prove that Brazil is actually one of the most enchanting countries in the world. With the sun almost all year round, it is one of the hottest destinations in the country.

Beaches, dunes, lagoons and coconut palms are joined by more than 400 kilometers of exotic and lush landscapes in Sun City, also known as Christmas. According to experts, it is the city of South America that has the purest air to breathe.

Besides the beautiful beaches, the city also breathes culture in its museums, markets and historic centers.

Cultural and stunning Natal

The most exciting and popular beach of Natal is Ponta Negra, which gets its name because of the rock formations of dark color that surround it. The location offers excellent infrastructure, with restaurants, bars, kiosks, diurnal motion and night intense and lots of excitement.

For those who prefer something quieter, smaller nearby towns of beaches are the most suitable option. You can access them by car or buggy and enjoy all that the local nature has to offer. The dunes are also an attraction. Places like Morro do Careca, a dune that has 120 meters and is surrounded by lush vegetation, worth the visit.

The local handicraft is very rich and very well prepared, with embroidery, jewelry, t-shirts, crochets, tapestries, Indian objects, pieces of leather and wood, among many others. Local art is one of the strengths of Christmas, which has six large sales centers of their handmade products, highlighting the Potiguar Craft, which has more than 200 stores. Another site, the Tourism Centre, where works in the 1930s was the Public chain Christmas. The shops of the complex are installed where the cells were.

Local folklore has been studied by cultural experts. The Calenga Boi or Bumba-Meu-Boi, the Fandango, the Chegança, the Congos, the pastoral, the Espontão, coco-de Pau, the Dance of Saint Gonçalo, among other folk demonstrations, are typical of the place.

What to see and do in Natal

Black tip

The charming and lovely Ponta Negra Beach attracts bathers and surfers from various corners of Brazil and to the world. It has about four kilometers long, is always full of beautiful and interesting people, and is the darling of Rio Grande do Norte. But beyond the charms of the sea and the Ponta Negra beach, the same reserve an amazing postcard called Morro do Careca and also offers dunes about 120 meters high. It's impressive. Oh, and the infrastructure of the beach is not back, not seen ?! Because it has a choice of bars, restaurants, nightclubs, shopping malls, shops, etc. That is, the city and the beach of the same name are complete and perfect for you.


The big attractions are the dunes, combined with the buggies, Genipabu make a real amusement park in the middle of nowhere. The trips can be "with or without emotion", which means more speed and stunts by mobile and fixed dunes, occasionally blessed with fresh water ponds.

From the top of the pile of sand you can enjoy Genipabu lagoon and also walks humped dromedaries. That's right. The route ends at the beach of Genipabu - though quiet and protected by a column reefs, is not as pretty as a function of the turbid waters. But enjoy too, to make a stop at Bar 21, which is certainly one of the most photographed in the world for the perfection of the scenario: it is at the foot of the dune, next to a coconut tree twisted by the wind.

Barra de Tabatinga

The cove of calm water is sought by families with children, that there are tents and beach restaurants. But who ensures the fame of Barra de Tabatinga are dolphins, which usually toast the visitors late in the afternoon. To catch sight of them, head to the road lookout. While animals do not give the air of grace, like the look framed by dunes and cliffs. Tabatinga is the last beach on the south coast of Natal.

Ride the buggy to Pipa

The one-day tour is almost all done by the beach (on weekdays), past ponds and gazebos and ending in one of the most beautiful scenery of the coast. The journey of 90 kilometers, it is also worth the charm and the mood of the fishing village, full of bars, restaurants, shops and inns, as well as young and beautiful people coming from various corners of the world. The tour can also be done in a van and is offered by travel agencies.

North Pirangi

North Pirangi became known for its proximity to the largest cashew tree in the world, with 8,400 square meters of canopy. It is from there that leave the boat trips to the natural pools, also passing by the beaches of South Pirangi, Buzios and elbow, with stops for diving. beach huts and ATV tours guarantee the movement all year, and the presence of the kite and windsurf fans.

Parque das Dunas

The park is within the city and occupies a huge area, equivalent to over a thousand football fields. The landscape full of dunes and native forest can be explored in three guided trails: Sweet Ubaia which runs thicket stretch to the belvedere overlooking the sea (4.4 km, 2:30 a.m.); Peroba, which passes through gazebo overlooking the Morro do Careca (2.4 km, 1h30); and Perobinha (800 meters, 40 minutes), quiet, good to make children (just over 7 years). But attention, the tours must be booked in advance.

Biggest cashew tree in the world

With 8,500 square meters of pantry, a tangle of branches and vines, cashew is registered in the Guinness Book as the world's largest. At harvest time, from September to December, visitors can taste the fruit while go round the tree.

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Enjoy all that Natal has to offer can be even more enjoyable with the rental season in Natal. Choose a house or an apartment in the area is the ideal choice for you to have more mobility and freedom of schedules. In Free Season, the decision is yours!

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In a place that gets the joy and the sun's presence almost all year round, choosing a house to rent season Christmas is a fun and cozy alternative, you can enjoy the moments of rest enjoying the fresh air and cool City.

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