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Joatinga Beach - Rio de Janeiro

Joaquina Beach is an exclusive super beach, which is in the neighborhood of Joah, from São Conrado and Barra da Tijuca. The beach is very small, its length is no more than 300m and is not available on days of high tide, when the sea covers almost the entire stretch of sand.

But when the tide is low, this small strip of sand becomes one of the points most well attended of the city, full of beauties. So, not "alarmed" to run into an actor or singer, after all, "Joalinda" arouses the interest of all.

Even not being aware of sea conditions, it is worth taking a swim and a walk, as well as cool, you can take great photos for your album of memories, because, this place is too beautiful !!!

How to get to Praia da Joatinga?

By car: The beach is within a condominium in Joha, but access is free for all. To get to take the road of Joha and enter the condominium in Pascoal Segreto. Access to the beach is via a ladder on the street Sergeant Jose da Silva.

By bus: Some bus lines pass in front of the condo that gives access to the beach, as the line 557 and 332.

To reach this paradise called Joatinga Beach, you need to make a small track with some rocks and steeper sections, but nothing too difficult. Several children make the track, by the way, the beach is great for kids. In the corner right forms a cool piscininha for small further enjoy.

When to go?

The beach fills up on sunny weekends, especially in summer. So it is important to arrive early, to a morning 8am, to get to park the vehicle. Since after this time it is difficult to get vague and constantly many cars are fined for stopping in prohibited place within the condominium.

The ideal is to go during the week when the beach is emptier. But if you're into partying, choose the weekend.

Oh, do not forget to check the tide before planning your trip will Joatinga. As in days of high tide, the strip of sand almost gone.

But be sure to enjoy the beauty of the way lookouts that provide beautiful pictures.

The beach is the point of surfers, beautiful people and young guys. How is a more secluded beach and difficult to access, several artists also often circulate there. It's definitely a unique beach, great for those who want a bit of privacy and security.

The beach does not have a lot of infrastructure. In high summer it has some tents renting chairs and umbrella and selling some things, but in general, most take your own tent and chair / sarong and your snack.

Despite all the restrictions and difficulties, very worth knowing this paradise of Caribbean waters.

Important Tip: Prefer to go very early, around 8:30, 9:00 at most in low season. In high season go before 9:00, because it has few parking spaces and few openings in the sand as well.

Vacation Rentals in Joatinga Beach

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Rentals in Joatinga Beach

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Apartments for rent in Joatinga Beach

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