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Vacation Rentals in Porto Seguro

Known mostly by young people, who often do tour to schools there, Porto Seguro is a lovely town for all audiences. During the day, the city offers tranquility in the beautiful beaches Red Crown and Mutá while the night is hectic and fun on Alcohol Catwalk, more bohemian part of the city.

To enjoy the sun

The beautiful beaches of Porto Seguro are the major attractions of this city. The most popular is Taperapuã, due to the excellent infrastructure and the clear waters. Already those who want a more rustic look and tranquility choose the beach Mutá.

Things to do in Porto Seguro?

Activities and Tours

Historical city

The first housing project in Brazil is in Porto Seguro and is concentrated in the area also called Historical Center. Installed on top of a cliff perched on the edge, the space houses imposing buildings - highlights for Discovery Landmark, brought from Portugal by Gonçalo Coelho in 1503; the Church of Our Senhoa Pena (patron saint) with Macao dishwashing tower; and the Chamber House and Jail, which houses the Porto Seguro Museum, fully restored.

Discovery Catwalk (Alcohol Catwalk)

Shopping center mixed with bohemian area, the Discovery Catwalk (better known as Alcohol Catwalk), in the city center, is the meeting point for pre-night. There are craft and souvenir shops, boutiques, bars and restaurants that make a company stalls beats at dusk. It is the best place to enjoy the typical Bahian cuisine and also delights of seafood base.

Outside Reef

With Marine Park status and protected bylaw, Recife de Fora has become one of the best points for diving in the area. There are rare species of corals, such as brain and fire; as well as fish, shellfish and turtles visible with mask and snorkel. Nearby are excellent picks for the practice of bottle dive, with depths reaching 15 meters.

Watching humpback whales

Boat trips take the points where the species can be sighted. The tour takes place between July and October when the whales visit the region to breed and nurse pups. During the trip there is talk about the presence of the species in Brazil.

Where to eat in Porto Seguro

Porto Seguro cooking does not lack: typically Bahian, there are several restaurants serving the famous nicely spiced dishes such as acarajé, the vatapd, the stew, and bobo.

But if you prefer a lighter power with little seasoning, the city has great restaurants specializing in various cuisines. That is, it has room for everyone. Regardless of what it is.

Comfort in Porto Seguro

Better to choose an incredible journey is to opt for the right hosting. So you can better enjoy the city, especially if you get an installation close to destinations points, which will also make it easier to rest and to enjoy the next day.

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Vacation Rentals in Porto Seguro

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Rentals in Porto Seguro

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