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Mongaguá: A destination that is worth knowing

The name of this friendly town of São Paulo means nothing more than, sticky mud. The former residents told that, on rainy days, the main river of the place (today Mongaguá River) overflowed and its waters joined the mud coming down the hills. The region, located between Mongagá and Aguapeú rivers, was inhabited by the Guarani Indians, and began to be covered in 1532 by settlers and Portuguese missionaries. Became Itanhaém municipality in the district and in 1959 was elevated to municipality.

Today, it is one of the main destinations for which tourists seek in the state of São Paulo. After all, Mongaguá booking several attractions, whether natural or tourist. So if you do not know, it's better to know, you see? Because you have no idea what you're missing .. And so you stay with that wanting more, we will tell you some of the many attractions Mongaguá, check out:

Mongaguá beaches

Agenor de Campos Beach

The beach Campos Agenor has about 2km total length. It covers two spas, the Spa of Itaguai and the Marine Park.

Beach Vera Cruz

With an extensive range of hard and coarse sand, the beach of Vera Cruz is a completely open sea beach, which has intensity waves and medium size throughout the year. It is great for those who wish to start learning to surf.

Big beach

The Great Beach is a beach almost straight, with wide stretch of sand and dark colored sand. Despite its intense beauty, this beach is usually unfit for swimming. But to take a beautiful walk in the early morning or late afternoon is great.

Florida Mirim Beach

With a wide range of coarse sand and well compacted by force of the sea, the beach of Florida Mirim is perfect for those who want to enjoy a good swim. For fun is not lacking in his extremely calm waters with very slight waves. Ideal for families with children and the elderly, who need an extra attention when it comes to swimming.

the Spa America Beach

Only partially urbanized, it is possible to say that the beach of Balneario America guard characteristics of both worlds. On the one hand it offers some amenities brought by urbanization, and the other a little the tranquility of a place still unexplored. It is great for those who do not give up to have both to reach.

Sao Paulo Beach

The beach São Paulo is the most popular beach in Mongaguá, it is one that has the largest number of alternatives for those looking for good fun. So, call family and friends to this place to tan. They will love spending a sunny day in one of the best beaches in Sao Paulo.

Things to Do in Mongaguá

In Centrão of Mongaguá is the Church of Our Lady of Aparecida, patroness of the city which is also exalted into a huge image on a nearby hill, where access can be done by urban ecological trail a very popular ride. So if you desire to know the Church and also likes to make tracks, combine business with pleasure and already do this tour.

Even in the central area is the fisherman's Bleachers, where you can spend quiet moments trying to hook a fish at high tide, and the events square Dudu Samba, which take place every large city events.

Moreover, Mongaguá is home to the largest fishing platform in reinforced concrete in Latin America, which became his main postcard. And as if this were not enough, it is close the Tourist Ecological Park "The Tribune", where it is worth spending an afternoon strolling.

In the Quarry Quarter are the Municipal Belvedere Roberto Mario Santini, a gazebo with one of the most beautiful views of the region and the Poco das Antas, ecological park with trails, waterfalls and natural pools. What are two tours to there interesting to do with the staff.

The craft feirinhas also present in Mongaguá. And to top it off the beautiful handicrafts, there is also a place of artistic presentations and courses, the Cultural Center Raul Cortez.

What is the best time to go to the Mongaguá?

Mongaguá is an excellent destination to visit during the summer when there is a large influx of tourists and constant rain. The New Year's Eve and Carnival are considered periods of high season and it is recommended to organize programming and book season of the property well in advance, so you do not get "suffering" and running out of time to do everything last minute.

The months of spring and autumn are quite pleasant, with milder temperatures, it is a good time to visit the city for more friendly prices than those charged in high season. So choose the correct way the best time for you to visit Mongaguá.

Rent for the season in Mongaguá

These characteristics give the region a special charm that can be better used to rent a house or apartment, the living with the day-to-day city and the comfort provided by this type of stay. The privacy with family and time enjoyed by all with the season rental in Mongaguá is the main attraction and an excellent opportunity to gather friends and family and enjoy maximum comfort and relaxation provided by mongaguanas beautiful landscapes.

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