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Rentals Caraguatatuba

Hidden between Ubatuba and Sao Sebastiao, Caraguatatuba already part of the script who runs the North Coast of São Paulo, thanks to 40 kilometers of beautiful beaches and respectable infrastructure that brings together malls, market and many shops.

The Atlantic forest beauties are also part of the attractions and are protected in the Serra do Mar State Park The area of ​​88,000 hectares is home to trails, natural pools and a multitude of species of birds, animals and plants.

With varying scenarios, waterfront gathers wild beaches - one is the Brava, with good waves and surfers - and popular, such as Martin de Sa, meeting day and night of the young class.

Anyone traveling with little find in Tabatinga, Prainha and Cockaigne the calmer waters of the region, as well as bars and kiosks that great pride in the dishes and snacks to seafood base. Always freshly baked, shrimp, fish and oysters come to the tables following varied recipes - all to give mouth water, he saw.

The incredible infrastructure of the city does not lack when it comes to hosting. There are several options. But of course, the best is to lease a season property, as well as being something practical, is economical and offers much comfort. There are numerous options for houses and apartments waiting for you.

Discover all the beautiful beaches of Caraguatatuba

Beautiful, the city of Caraguá has beautiful beaches throughout its length. Are they:

Brava Beach: 4 kilometers from downtown Caraguatatuba, the beach is surrounded by preserved vegetation, very clean sea and emerald hue. It is very popular with surfers, fishermen and divers. There are kiosks on site, so light snack, water, juices, and garbage bags to take back the waste produced;

Beach Cockaigne: with quiet, clean waters and good infrastructure with restaurants, coffee shops, kiosks and parking spaces, the Cockaigne is the ideal place for families with children and the elderly;

Mococa Beach: known for its medicinal sands, the beach Mococa is known for its tranquil sea and almost no waves. The monazite sand, as it is called, is responsible for activating the circulation of the body, helping to improve inflammation and pain. The location is ideal for kayaking and snorkeling practice, and has kiosks;

Flexeiras Beach: beach houses the Tourist Terminal, has several kiosks - some with musical performances - along its wide stretch of sand. The waters are calm and very clean;

Capricorn Beach: with about 4 kilometers long, has thick sand and clean waters. The waves are strong and the beach is fall. It is there that is located the Blue Lagoon, at the confluence of Jetuba River to the sea;

Tabatinga beach: on the border with the town of Ubatuba, Tabatinga has shallow and calm for most of the year, plus a strip of fine sand and clear. In the north corner of the beach, there is the practice of sports such as jet-skiing, kite surfing, windsurfing and kayaking;

In addition to these, are still part of the edge of Caraguá the beaches of Palm, of Massaguaçú, the Camaroeiro, the Centre, Garcez beach (or Nun Beach) Indaiá Beach, Romance, New Port, Martin de Sá, Pan Brazil and Prainha.

Sports in Caraguatatuba

On the issue of sports, Caraguatatuba goes beyond water activities. free flight enthusiasts meet on weekends at the top of the Santo Antônio Hill, 340 meters high. Hang-gliding or paragliding, all delight in the landscape formed by the inlet Caraguatatuba, São Sebastião and Ilhabela.

Attractions Caraguatatuba

Santo Antonio Hill

340 meters high, gurgling view formed by the inlet Caraguatatuba, São Sebastião and Ilhabela. It is the meeting point of the classes of hang gliding and paragliding, that there are two ramps.

State Park of Serra do Mar - Caraguatatuba Nucleus

The park, which has 315,000 hectares and 88,000 in Caraguatatuba, is home to several species of animals, birds and trees typical of the Atlantic Forest. The Caraguá core has three open trails: the potion leads to the waterfall of Pedra Redonda, with 6 meters of fall and about three hours to go and come back. Already the Jequitibá, which is easy and ends in a natural pool with small waterfall (there are 40 minutes round trip), it can be made day during the opening hours of the park; or at night, from 19h to 21h - the attraction in this case is to see nocturnal animals such as agoutis, pacas, armadillos and owls.

Anteater Island

Super affordable boat or jet ski along the beaches of Tabatinga, Cockaigne, Mococa, Martin Sa and Massaguaçu, the island is suitable for the practice of fishing and diving - the submerged rocks are home to diverse marine life.

Vacation Villas in Caraguatatuba

Enjoy the beautiful and lush beaches of the area with all the comfort and ease, renting a house or apartment in the city. The Vacation Rentals in Caraguatatuba will make your trip even more enjoyable and fun!

Houses for rent in Caraguatatuba

Go to Caraguá in larger groups? Or make a romantic trip? How about opting for a cozy and spacious house? In Season Free you will find different properties Vacation Rentals in Caraguatatuba at the best prices and conditions.

Apartments for rent in Caraguatatuba

Whether alone, in pairs or in groups, choose an apartment for rent in Caraguatatuba season is a nice and convenient option for your rest days are very pleasant and fun. Pack your bags and enjoy!

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