Riviera de São Lourenço - Excellent townhouse 400m from the beach

House for vacation rental in Bertioga (Riviera de São Lourenço)

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Conceição Lopes

Conceição Lopes

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Most wanted dates Daily
January 1st half
R$ 1450
January 2nd half
R$ 1450
February 1st half
R$ 1450
February 2nd half
R$ 1450
Carnival 2020
R$ 1450
Easter 2020
R$ 1450
Tiradentes 2020
R$ 1500
Labor Day 2020
R$ 1350
Corpus Christi 2020
R$ 1450
Independency day
R$ 1500
Children's Day
R$ 1500
All Souls' Day
R$ 1500
Christmas 2020
R$ 1550
New Year's Eve 2020
R$ 2400
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  • House for vacation rental in Bertioga (Riviera de São Lourenço)

    Suite Máster + Avulso 1 Bicama +1 colchão soltero.

  • House for vacation rental in Bertioga (Riviera de São Lourenço)

    Suíte Máster 2/3 C/ HIDRO

  • House for vacation rental in Bertioga (Riviera de São Lourenço)

    Cont. Suite Màster 3/3

  • House for vacation rental in Bertioga (Riviera de São Lourenço)

    Frente da casa MD. 21 T. L Ótima

  • House for vacation rental in Bertioga (Riviera de São Lourenço)

    Entrada Lateral pra Piscina

  • House for vacation rental in Bertioga (Riviera de São Lourenço)

    Entrada Lateral da casa

  • House for vacation rental in Bertioga (Riviera de São Lourenço)

    Varanda pra Piscina 1 /3

  • House for vacation rental in Bertioga (Riviera de São Lourenço)

    Varanda da Pisc.2...2 Continuação..

  • House for vacation rental in Bertioga (Riviera de São Lourenço)

    Piscina 1 ...3

  • House for vacation rental in Bertioga (Riviera de São Lourenço)

    Piscina 2 ..3

  • House for vacation rental in Bertioga (Riviera de São Lourenço)

    Piscina Churrasq. 3..3.

  • Salas 1 /4

  • Sala com tv Smarte 2/4

  • Sala e Corredor Pé direito Alto Vista da Escada

  • Sala 4/4/

  • Continuação sala pro lavabo

  • Quarto com banheiro e Chuveiro Exclusivo em frente para este quarto. 2 ...4exclusivo, enfr.

  • Suit em cima .1/4 Viz da Escada

  • Suite em cima viz da escada

  • Suite em baixo 4...4

  • Suite MÁSTER 1..4

  • Varanda Piscina e cafè 3/7

  • Casa emfRua, Casa em frente Ciclovia aCESSO A PRAI

  • Entrada da RIVIERA

  • Riviera d São Lourenço. 1/7

  • Riviera 3/7

  • Riviera ...

  • Riviera 1 / 7 da Praia..

  • Por do aSol 1/ 3

  • Riviera 2 d 2 Por do Sol

  • Riviera Por do sol 1 d 2

  • Jardim


12 Accomodates

4 Rooms (incl. suites)
3 Suites

4 King Beds

1 Single beds
1 Sofa beds

House for vacation rental in Bertioga


I rent, especially for FAMILIES.

Maximum accommodation 12 People, including children.

With high ceilings, in the living room, bedrooms and hallway, the house is ventilated.
It has a swimming pool, barbecue, and an employee to welcome you and clean the pool every day.
It has Internet, cable TV, Claro tv, ETC ...

The suites all have double beds.
1 suite is below.
It has 1 double bed, and 1 single up to 60 k.

Value R $ 2,400.00 per day.

Carnival / February.
Package, 20 to 26 days R $, 12,600 Cleaning included. There is an Employee always present to clean the pool.

If you need an employee in advance, I can indicate.

The Riviera de São Lourenço is a condominium on the beach on the north coast.
Calm and clean beach.
Riviera is a condominium all monitored 24 hours, with cameras and security guards for cars, and motorcycles. On the beach we have motorbikes, lifeguards, and motorboats for our safety and comfort for everyone.

It has ceiling fans in the living room and suites. In the living room there is a 45 "Smart TV with You Tube NETFLIX and Internet.
Everything for yours, our family comfort.
The property is 12 minutes from the beach, and 50 m from the bike path in front of the house, way to the beach.

OBS. The Sobrado is on the street, Alameda Potiguar, md. 21 Heading to the beach, after Shopping, enter the roundabout on the left and enter Av. Da Orla, go to the end.

I rent in season, and without being. Weekends, value 1,500 / If I prefer monthly, only after the season

. OBS; ( We can talk)

Riviera for Leisure we have, besides the Beach,
Tennis court, Beach tennis, Campo Golf, Bike everything to rent and make your vacation more fun.

Sugar Loaf.

In Riviera Shopping, there are restaurants, and in the condominium there are others such as,
The Maremmomti, on the main straight street, on the beach, the Jangada, and SP 55, right at the entrance seen from the road, all of them with an excellent standard.

The Riviera de São Lourenço, has all the infrastructure for your peaceful vacation.
If you are interested, follow my contact, email, cml.riviera@gmail.com,

I will send contract with more information. Payments, etc ...
At the moment thank you very much for

Attention Trust and Preference.

Condomínio Zion Residencial, 15´ from the beach.
Season, monthly and annual, furnished with all infrastructure.
At the moment, thank you very much for yours,
Trust and Preference.
Kind regards.
Conceição Lopes.

Ref. TemporadaLivre: 63278

26 Jan--27 Jan--28 Jan--29 Jan--30 Jan--31 Jan--1 Feb--
2 Feb--3 Feb--4 Feb--5 Feb--6 Feb--7 Feb--8 Feb--
9 Feb--10 Feb--11 Feb--12 Feb--13 Feb--14 Feb--15 Feb--
16 Feb--17 Feb--18 Feb--19 Feb--20 Feb--21 Feb--22 Feb--
23 FebR$ 145024 FebR$ 145025 FebR$ 145026 FebR$ 145027 FebR$ 145028 FebR$ 145029 FebR$ 1450
February 2020
1 MarR$ 14502 MarR$ 14503 MarR$ 14504 MarR$ 14505 MarR$ 14506 MarR$ 14507 MarR$ 1450
8 MarR$ 14509 MarR$ 145010 MarR$ 145011 MarR$ 145012 MarR$ 145013 MarR$ 145014 MarR$ 1450
15 MarR$ 145016 MarR$ 145017 MarUnavail.18 MarUnavail.19 MarR$ 145020 MarR$ 145021 MarR$ 1450
22 MarR$ 145023 MarR$ 145024 MarUnavail.25 MarUnavail.26 MarR$ 145027 MarR$ 145028 MarR$ 1450
29 MarR$ 145030 MarR$ 145031 MarUnavail.1 AprR$ 14502 AprR$ 14503 AprR$ 14504 AprR$ 1450
March 2020
Dates Available

The prices and availability informed on this calendar may vary according to the period and demand. Confirm the prices as well as the availability of the property with the advertiser.

3 Suites
5 Baths (incl. suítes)
4 King Beds
1 Single beds
0 Bunkbeds
1 Sofa beds
1 Mattress
0 Air conditioners
5 Fans
2 Parking slots
Beach distance: 3 blocks

Accepts animals
Special needs ready
Beach chairs
Barbecue grill
Private condo
Iron board
Horiz. Freezer
Vert. Freezer
Wi-fi Internet
Dish washer
Laundry machine
Cable / sat TV
Kitchen utensils
Barbecue utensils
Covered parking
Ocean view
Allows parties
Private pool
Shared pool
Heated pool
Covered pool
Infants pool
House voltage: 220 volts

Brasil » São Paulo » Bertioga » Riviera de São Lourenço » Rua/ Alameda Potiguar, Md. 21 ... Cep/ 11261822

Conceição Lopes
Olá, tudo bem!!!.... Sou a Conceição lopes. Nasci em Natal, RN, mas hj moro em SP ao longo dos anos.
Minha paixão pela praia vem da minha familia que além de morar em Natal, tínhamos casa na praia para finais de semana com a familia, e aluguéis. Hj continuo alugando em familia, aqui no litoral Norte, SP. Alugo na Riviera a casa do site, e Maresias, condominio fechado, Casas sobrados com 2 /3 suites, mobiliada perto da praia, 15`` alugo temporada e anual.
Assim sendo, tenho o prazer em atendê-los. Amooo o meu trabalho!!
Aguardo vocês!!
No momento muito obrigada pela Atenção, Preferência e CONFIANÇA.

Contact info:

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