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Vacation Rentals in Enseada Beach

The Enseada has three kilometers long, and is the most popular beach for vacationers. Of all the seaside resorts of South San Francisco, it is offering better infrastructure in terms of service and lodging.

It is located just 20 kilometers from the center, has a horseshoe shape, leaving the calm with few waves in March Ideal for those who prefer more water "quiet". In addition, of course, be a great choice for families with small children and / or elderly.

And the fun is not just the delicious sea bathing, not seen. For the beach, you can rent paddle boats and kayaks, to make unforgettable excursions. Other options are the banana-boat rides and schooner, which make a darn successful.

Attractions and sights in São Francisco do Sul - Beach Cove


The middens consist of archaeological elevations, former residences of Indians who lived at various times. At these elevations shells, with an average height of 5 to 8m, they are found instruments of chipped and polished stones, bones, human skeletons and remains of bonfires. Several middens are mainly found in Inlet locations, Praia Grande, Flounder and Ribeira in Vila da Glória, and the District left.


The economy of Sao Francisco do Sul depends, in large part, from the port located in its territory, which is considered one of the most important in Brazil. The port of São Francisco do Sul belongs to the State of Santa Catarina, which has the concession to explore it until the year 2011. It is the fifth largest country in container handling, accounting for about half of the port handling the state . Situated in Babitonga Bay, the port has an access channel to 11m deep and 4m mooring.

Historic center

Set of houses tumbled by IPHAN in the city center, opposite the Bay of Babitonga, some of the buildings have more than 100 years.

Forte Marechal Luz

Located on the north coast of the island, Fort Marshal Light, is 15 km from the historic center of São Francisco do Sul. Its foundation took place during the year 1909 on the ruins of the old fort, aimed at military fortification in the region. Access is via a dirt road that leads to the Morro João Dias, on top of which is an artillery battery, with 4 guns, that allowed the defense of the coast in dangerous situations.

Public Market

This building began to be built from 1896, was inaugurated on 20 January 1900. The population was served in various "boxes" (shops) that existed both within and outside of the building (today there are only shops within the next the building). In 1928 he was attached to the building fishmonger, that besides the sale of artisanal fisheries production, also used for the marketing of agricultural products daily arrived in canoes coming I left the district.

History museum

Located at Rua Coronel Carvalho, in the historic city center. This is one of the oldest buildings of the San Francisco Island. Built in the late eighteenth century, it was used, according to the custom of the time, as the City Council and public jail, serving prison the revolutionary leaders during the Contested War. Currently, the museum houses in their rooms and cells, objects donated by francisquense community, such as documents, plans (maps), newspapers and household items (feather pens, blotter, furniture, etc.) common in the daily life of the ancestors of the current residents the municipality. The history of the Island is illustrated by photographs inserted in the walls of the cells. Outside patio of the building are exposed cane and cassava mills and a machine used in the manufacture of tiles and a hearse from the early twentieth century. In addition, the museum has a basement, which worked a lonely, which was used in the detention of mentally ill and dangerous criminals.

Apartments for rent in the Cove Beach

The Beach Cove's main source of tourism economy, then, modern apartments in buildings with several floors abound there. Therefore, the options for you to rent an apartment are many.

When searching for a property to rent for the season by TemporadaLivre, use smart filters to choose the property that best suits your desires! It is up there on the left. You can filter the amount of people that the house holds, has swimming pool, barbecue, air conditioning, distance from the sea and many other options to choose the property that is your face!

Rentals in Enseada Beach

For those who prefer to stay in a large, airy home to a large number of people, the city also does not lack. In TemporadaLivre you find a great real estate catalog for rent on the Beach Cove for every taste, in various prices and various beaches.

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