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Vacation Rentals Porto Belo

Founded in the nineteenth century, the small town of Porto Belo is located on the coast of the State of Santa Catarina, southern Brazil. The city is home to several natural attractions really awesome, and they offer the visitor a unique and unforgettable tourist experience. A little over 60 kilometers from the capital Florianópolis, Porto Belo preserves its Azorean traditions, such as Folia de Reis.

It is one of those destinations that have to visit / know, even if only once. As well as being beautiful, as the name suggests. It also gives an infrastructure bath in many coastal cities. Regarding accommodation, then forget it, because there is no shortage of options for holiday homes and apartments rental in Porto Belo. The best option for those seeking comfort and privacy.

Quiet, familiar and full of leisure options, this is Porto Belo

Paradisiacal. This is the word that best describes the site, which has highly preserved nature combined with a Oti ma infrastructure with bars, restaurants, tours guided by professional experts, and very quiet.

It is common that the local edge is crossing point for cruises coming from various destinations. On several occasions, such anchoring ships and their passengers have the chance to enjoy delicious moments in the city's beaches.

The Porto Belo Bay has several marinas, excellent spots for diving, cultural and historical attractions, in addition to the beautiful beaches of quiet waters, crystal clear and very clean. It is the ideal destination for groups, families, couples and even for a very pleasant individual trip.

There are also special guided tours, which usually occur in high season, between October and March. These trips are made by boat or schooner, and tell tourists the local history while moving the bay to the island. In fact, the island is an amazing place: houses cave paintings, prehistoric fossil collections and underwater trails.

A tip: be sure to visit the beaches of the Shipyard, the D'Aço Cash, Grave, pumps and Firecrackers. Enjoy also the city for walking in historical sites, cycling practice and relax your mind!

Things to do in Porto Belo?

The attractions of Porto Belo are numerous, so if it is there, know that activities will not miss. But what stands out there even are the natural beauty and the exuberance of the place. There are beautiful beaches for all tastes, ranging from the busiest to the most quiet. And of course, the various activities that can be done by tourists who visit Porto Belo. Check it out and enjoy!

Porto Belo Island

Among the tours on the island of Porto Belo, there is one that can only be done by the adventurous families on duty, the nature trail, which is super cool and special, as well as offer you the green of the forests, had given him with a vision privileged of the sea. So if your family is lively and does not stop, the tip is to take them to the track, to take advantage of nature and take multiple pictures to record the moment.

Port of Pirates

The unique setting of Porto Belo invites you all to a relaxing boat trip, with the Port of Pirates, which has an amazing script by the beauties of Porto Belo. Schooners has capacity for 150 passengers and offers plenty of fun with several pirates on board who undoubtedly animate the ride. There is also a stop for swimming, bar service on board, buffet of tropical fruits and fruit cocktail. That is, the tour goes super worth and should be enjoyed by families and friends who wish to make a great season in Porto Belo.

The nightlife of Porto Belo

The nightlife of Porto Belo turns in high season. Visitors who want to have good nights out below to the bars and restaurants by the sea, however, the floating bars are among the most sought after, because, offer charm and comfort for the discerning tourist. But the clubs are not left behind, since they have eclectic musical programming to suit all tastes and rhythms.

Morro Junipers

The Private Reserve of Natural Heritage - RPPN Morro Junipers is an area of ​​environmental preservation, which offers attractions for those who enjoy being close to nature. The site serves to admire the fauna and flora characteristics of the region, by the way, they are well preserved. There you can have a privileged view of the entire city. It also offers ecological, structured and monitored tracks, where family or friends will have fun with peace and security.

How to get to Porto Belo?

Car: Travelling is always good, but travel in family is even better, especially when the destination is the coast, it is worth every minute. So if you are thinking to know the beauties of Porto Belo with your family, see the route. To get there by car is quite simple, since leaving Curitiba, for example, just follow the BR 376 to the border with Santa Catarina, where the path will continue on the BR-101, followed in order to Florianopolis, you will pass the municipalities of Joinville, Penha, Camboriú and Itapema, meeting just after the entrance that gives access to Porto Belo. Do not miss it.

Bus: As for large groups of friends who do not waste a beach, good is to go by bus. Thus, for those who want from Florianopolis towards Porto Belo, know that the Queen company does this path. But there is also the Interpraias, out Camboriú and passes through Porto Belo.

Plane: But if the desire to enjoy the beaches do not give to wait, just get a plane. For the major airlines have direct flights from São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro to the airport in Navegantes, only with distance of 59 km from Porto Belo. Or maybe go by plane to Florianopolis and then take another transportation to Porto Belo.

Vacation Rentals in Porto Belo

To take advantage of all the exotic and natural beauty of this destination, the tip is the Vacation Rentals in Porto Belo. Choose a beautiful and airy house or a comfortable apartment summer and enjoy the city and its surroundings.

Rentals in Porto Belo

Be close to the sea, is in a more quiet location yet, a home for Vacation Rentals in Porto Belo is ideal for those who want space and quiet. Find the ideal property for your recreation in the Free Season, with all the security and ease of trading.

Apartments for rent in Porto Belo

If you and your family or your friends prefer the convenience of an apartment, the Open Season also has the best solution for your holiday. Choose one of them, plan your next trip and very short!

Photos: Andreia Reis, Fabiano Sousa

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