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Seasonal rental in Imbituba

With 33 kilometers of clear blue sea and a beautiful sand on the Santa Catarina coast, Imbituba is one of the most exotic destinations of the south and attractive tourist region with a lush and warm climate nature. The levee is extending between the sea and entrance to the beach and to Lagoon Pond Ibiraquera and Mirim.

In strong waves provide the region to practice various sports, in special or surf. The beaches have Been World Surfing we scenario last three years in South America, known as one of the best places for the practice. Moreover, it is also an excellent place for the practice of sports other radicals, because of the geographical configuration Imbituba.

A mere 90 km overlooks the capital Florianópolis, or municipality in the southern state of Santa Catarina, and is located is or accessibility by the BR 101 is also known area of ​​the "Lakes Region".

Attractions in Imbituba

You have not discovered this is paradise and do not southern country, or summer is an excellent opportunity. The sun and heat or provide pleasant days off for enjoy with bringing Family and friends. The city is also famous for being national or nursery Whale and your can watch teams of presence in some year.

The Local history has the origin in the Azores and immigrants from Madeira, to Which inhabited area in the city and left down. Contributed immensely that the culture is local, Which inherited quite the Azorean traditions Mainly fishing development not give in Imbituba.

Rent for the season

Or a small town can be harnessed and casualty freedom over a rental ignored During the season. Place this because this structure is conducive to more free and independent approach by two visitors. By means of seasonal rent in Imbituba can take advantage of the better and more attractive all convenience que Local conciliate natural beauty with quiet environment of calm and quiet another.

Apartments rent in Imbituba

The City of Imbituba, Santa Catarina located in, has main source of economy or tourism, then, modern apartments in buildings with multiple floors not lacking in the center of the city. Therefore, options for rent you one are many apartment.

Or TemporadaLivre has different apartments in the city options. Among them, in the center of some city, or paradisiacal beaches or taken from front to sea.

When a property for rent search During the season for hair site, you use choose or property intelligent filters que adapts more years their desires! It is there on top, on the left side. You can filtering Number of people que apartment compreende is or has pool, barbecue, air-conditioned, distance to sea and the many other options for choosing or property that is your face!

Houses for rent in Imbituba

For you prefer que fy in a big house, airy, for large number of people one to island also does not lack. In TemporadaLivre you one MEETS large catalog for rent property in Imbituba, for all you taste, we prices and more varied beaches.

Or see and do in Imbituba

Watch the free Whales

In the season free Whales visit, Which runs from June to November is possible Sand sight you urge the beach or two lookouts two headlands. One of the preferred beaches two cetaceans is doing pirouettes and is "display" is the Ribanceira. And, in addition to see these giving belles show in the water one worth paying visit Franca Whale Project's headquarters in Itapirubá beach to know a little more on this beautiful species of whales so.

Imbituba beaches for sports and peace

On the beaches you can Imbituba tanning or sun, sand, or sea, and you can also practice some sports radicals over there of legal, including surfing, sand boarding, wind surfing and kite Which are the most in activities Communes Imbituba beaches. But is by chance, will give beach more quiet tanning, good is to leave for Praia do Rosa, which is one of the most quiet and charming region.

Wind and Kitesurfing in Bar Ibiraquera

This beautiful address, Which gathers beach and lagoon, is a concorridíssimo scenario for the kite and windsurfing and, beyond that, is Considered one of the best in the country points for tanning Extreme sports. The lagoon is famous also being naturally Cameroon nursery and crabs and by unveiling a setting of incredible sun. The bar FICA Ibiraquera 13 kilometers from the center of Imbituba..o Which means que no excuse to visit.

Whale Museum

The place where oil was extracted or give Whales-free, cruelly hunted and Imbituba region in 1973 was disabled and today shelters or Whale Museum. The historic mansion is headquarters and its exhibits are acquis maps, illustrations and ARTIFACTS que have to kill history of animals - that began not 17 century - and to fight for the preservation of species.

Advertise your property in Imbituba rent for season

Owner manager is or real estate (broker, real estate) is you want and rent property in Imbituba, know than or TemporadaLivre is the best rental portal Seasonal Brazil. No perch time: See the seasonal and announce your property real estate work place is for you!