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Jurerê Tradicional: one of the summer's favorite destinations

Casa em Jurere

If you're new to the stunning beauty of the pristine beaches of Santa Catarina, give serious thought to include this beautiful state in the script of your next vacations. Placed in the south of the country, the state's coast has a gentle and hospitable population, which is why it is one of the most popular destinations for tourists worldwide.

In the capital Florianópolis, there is one of the most visited beaches: Jurere, which is located in the eponymous neighborhood and home to one of the finest residential developments in the southern region, Jurerê International. Dividing attention, the more traditional and rustic side is the charming neighborhood known as Traditional Jurerê. There are the oldest inhabitants of the region, with its “manezinho” touch, and restaurants with typical cuisine of the island, the neighborhood is also home to the Yacht Club of Santa Catarina.

Placed near the Daniela beach, Forte beach and Canasvieiras, Traditional Jurerê welcomes you with all the exuberance of the local nature of your audience, which is mostly young people, but also consists of families, seniors and couples looking for relaxation and rest of the race routine of the great cities.

Every year in May, the streets of the neighborhood are taken by the participants of the largest triathlon event in Latin America, Ironman. Every day, in the mornings and evenings prior to the event, is often cross with cyclists and runners from around the world, training in the streets of the neighborhood.

For those who enjoy a stroll through the sights, a good tip is to know the wonderful Fortaleza de São José da Ponta Grossa. Strategically located on the hill of Ponta Grossa, framed by the beauty of the cliffs and the sand of Praia do Forte. We had the beginning of its construction in 1740 and it has been completed in four years.

Rest and exuberant nature in Jurerê Traditional

Pôr do Sol em Jurere

CWith a sea of ​​green color, mild temperature and calm waves, Jurerê beach is a little more than three kilometers of fine sand long and clear, perfect for enjoying a pleasant walk. In the water, sailboats and motorboats Yacht Club of Santa Catarina give a touch to the sophisticated look.

The amazing structure of the neighborhood has beautiful homes, great shopping, bars, fine restaurants, supermarkets and beautiful green areas complete the ideal setting for days of great entertainment and comfort. In this part of the beach, are the oldest residents who helped build local identity and passing, very kindly, all traditions to those who arrive there.

One of the strengths is the classic cuisine of the island. With Azorean influence, it is full of seafood and fish such as lobster, oysters, delicious prawns, crabs and assorted fish.

Vacation Rentals in Jurerê Traditional

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Houses and apartments in Traditional Jurerê for seasonal rental

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Pictures: Felipe, Adriana