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Holiday Rental in Bombinhas Beach - SC

Located in the center, the beach of Bombinhas has almost 1 km, and is the busiest of the municipality, has a complete infrastructure with hotels, lodges, camping, seasonal homes and diversified commerce, besides offering tourist services , Diving and specialty shops. It is the beach that gives its name to the city and where is the largest shopping center. Its sand strip is composed of quartz crystals, which give an incredibly white shade, framing the calm and transparent sea with small waves, ensuring the children's joy. The same crystals produce a distinctive sound under the feet, similar to the clicks of small bombs, which gave the name to the beach.

In Bombinhas, are located the main schools and operators of diving, with daily exits to the coast of the peninsula and in the southern part of Arvoredo Island. One of the great attractions of Praia de Bombinhas is the traditional Canoa-de-uma-Pau-Só race, an annual event, always celebrating the city's birthday in March, which attracts fishermen from all over the state with their peculiar canoes. Get to know Praia de Bombinhas - SC The tourist potential of the city attracts the attention of several good construction companies that are increasingly investing in new construction. A fact that generates advantages to tourists looking for seasonal rentals in Praia de Bombinhas.

Temporada Livre is well aware of the best houses and apartments in the region and brings together all the offers in one place to help you plan your trip. Real estate options are not lacking in Bombinhas. If you want to find a property with certain specifications, you can rest assured that you will find it. Even more with the filters of the site TemporadaLivre, that allow a perfect search, to speed up your search time. Good gastronomy in the center of Bombinhas The typical gastronomy of Bombinhas is full and tasty. Their seafood dishes are simple but rich in flavors and aromas.

As it is a center for the creation of shellfish and oysters and with abundant fish, Bombinhas guarantees to its dishes a special touch and an incomparable flavor. Its restaurants are excellent, and have a full range of regional specialties. In the center of Bombinhas you can find the best places with diversified options to enjoy moments of pleasure and good table. Holiday Homes and Apartments in Praia de Bombinhas SC When you search for apartments or houses for rent by season in Bombinhas, use our filters to help you choose the features that best suit your wishes.

Renting a house or apartment, even for the season, is a matter of attention to all details. Advertise your real estate in Bombinhas for seasonal rentals If you are an owner or real estate agent (real estate broker) and want to rent real estate in Bombinhas, know that TemporadaLivre is the best seasonal rental portal in Brazil. Do not lose time: see how to advertise seasonal property and put your real estate to work for you!