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Mariscal Holiday Rentals

Beauty and tranquility in Santa Catarina

The Mariscal Beach is in Bombinhas, located in the state of Santa Catarina, southern Brazil. Firecrackers is one of the most beautiful cities of the coast of Santa Catarina, both because it is surrounded by an incredible portion of the Atlantic Forest as the color of its sea, with greenish tones. And it is there that is Mariscal Beach, another one of the countless charms of the southern coast of Brazil.

This site is known for its tranquility, being considered a "beach old-fashioned" He does not have tents and trade in the sand, the street traffic is very small and its extensive stretch of sand makes room for those who want to rest, sunbathe or take the children to play and enjoy the day. The Mariscal Beach name comes from the amount of shellfish present on your shore.

The beautiful and tranquil beach Mariscal

Besides the tranquility, another strong point of Mariscal is cleaning: its sands and waters are very clean, and the vast majority of beaches. The water temperature is pleasant especially during the summer, and its waves are calmer in some spots and stronger in others, which makes a great area for water sports at the same time that can be utilized by families with children.

During the fall and winter the place is perfect for throwing fishing. There are lots of vegetation along the beach, making the contact with nature even more present.

Getting in Mariscal?

There are two accesses to reach this paradise called Mariscal. The first is the Firecrackers Centre, following the Av. Manoel José dos Santos to Salmon Street, followed by this almost to its end, when it takes the direction of the Mariscal hill for the second street on the right. At the top of the hill, the view of the Mariscal and Canto Grande is gorgeous. There are several lookouts to take pictures and prestige to this charm of nature. The other access is by Falcon Avenue, which connects the beach pumps to Zimbros Beach. In the third roundabout at Junipers district, just follow the left, in Passion Fruit Street, in a few kilometers changes its name to Av. Giraso. From there, it follows to Cinnamon Street, which links the Canto Grande District (Sea Inside) with Mariscal Beach.

Activities and rich infrastructure beach Mariscal

The Mariscal beach is ideal for swimming and hiking. There no pollution whatsoever. Moreover, it is the point of surfers, since the beach has beautiful waves.

There's vegetations sandbank preserved in much of the beach. What it is great not only for the planet but also for tourists who like to contemplate nature.

The accommodation there is no problem, because there is no shortage season of real estate options. And for fun, wonderful bars and restaurants.

In winter and autumn seasons is conducive to the practice of throw fishing, and many canoes waiting for a good school of fish.

Vacation Rentals Mariscal

Is to spend a few days or for a longer holiday, the rental season in Mariscal offers excellent value for money. In Season Free you can opt for beautiful and comfortable houses or practical and spacious apartments facing the ocean or on nearby streets, according to their desire.

Houses for rent in Mariscal

cozy cottages are perfect for a fun and relaxing season. Mariscal you can choose the ideal house on the seafront with pool, barbecue, parking spaces and several other options for your total comfort.

Apartments for rent in Mariscal

If you prefer a practical apartment for rent in Mariscal season, there are also great options in the Free Season. Apartment facing the sea with a good amount of rooms, structure complete with beds, bathrooms, kitchen, among others. All so that your rest is perfect and unforgettable!

Publish properties in Mariscal to rent Vacation

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