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Rentals Canto Grande

The lush beach Canto Grande is located in Bombinhas, Santa Catarina. The small town and its amazing coastline usually receive up to 200,000 visitors during the high season, mainly Brazil and Argentina.

Canto Grande is one of the largest beaches of Bombinhas coast, and is stuck in a fishing village that keeps lit the Azorean tradition through the fisheries, mariculture, and cultural traditions as Folia de Reis. It is divided into:

Sea Inside: portion west of the small town, with quiet, ideal for bathing with children and for sports such as sailing and jet skiing.

Mar de Fora: east side of the village, with more choppy waters and ideal for surfing. In July and August, the whales migrate from Antarctica adopt the Mar de Fora beach water as a temporary residence.

With rare monazite sands of yellowish, rich color in chemical elements with therapeutic properties, the beach offers an absolutely put unforgettable sunsets visitors.

must-see attractions of Canto Grande

In Canto Grande beach is that is the entrance to the Monkey Island (which we will talk below). The entrance is at the end of the beach, near giant rocks, which are also a beautiful tourist attraction. But a problem is that these stones were painted. Unfortunately, it is a shame that there are people who find "legal" pichar natural beauty like this.

But for those who enjoy fishing, Canto Grande has a pier. Where many tourists vacationing or weekends to catch fish there.

And speaking of fish, one of the experts on the subject and restaurants that break is one of the coolest restaurants in Canto Grande is Tatuira Petiscaria. The owners are the city of Timbo and they capricharam the project. The restaurant is located by the sea with tables and chairs to take a Borck beer with friends and enjoy the setting of the sun.

By staying located in the western part of Firecrackers, one of the images to photos is the setting of the sun in Canto Grande. The image of the sun "falling" and lighting in shades of orange and yellow water among the fishing boats make images become per-fe-i-tas. For those who enjoy nature is, of course, put on a show that deserves some applause.

Incredible Canto Grande trails in Bombinhas

The rich native vegetation on the outskirts of Canto Grande offers amazing walks, full contact with nature. It is possible to explore the various local trails.

One of the best known and most sought after is the Monkey Hill Trail. With about two hours of back and forth, the trail presents rich and lush vegetation of the Atlantic Forest, and offers a beautiful panoramic view of the islands of the region and Canto Grande Bay.

The Trail Mullet, another delicious local walk, must be done on foot, preferably. It is good to avoid the use of bikes due to the difficulty level. On the way, there is a cave and some streams, and the final destination of the tour is the Beach Mullet.

Vacation Rentals in Canto Grande

Enjoy the best of this natural paradise Santa Catarina choosing a delicious house or a nice apartment for Vacation Rentals in Canto Grande. These are options that provide total security, comfort and also economy. Moreover, the accommodation in Canto Grande gives way to several other beaches in the area, making its much more interesting and relaxing ride. Whatever your decision, you will find the best suggestions on Free Season!

Rentals in Canto Grande

Houses for Vacation Rentals in Canto Grande is a great choice not only for larger groups and they need more space, but also for small groups who want to enjoy the days of rest outdoors, enjoying a delicious barbecue or a refreshing pool for example.

Apartments for rent in Canto Grande

For those who do not give up the convenience of an apartment, you can also find in Season Free excellent rental properties. Now just put your foot on the road!

Photos: Andreia Reis, Rodrigo Osorio

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