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Recreio dos Bandeirantes
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The playground in the neighborhood of Bandeirantes is new, it was mainly occupied by middle-class residents, while still off the main tourist circuits of Rio de Janeiro. It has beautiful beaches for swimming and surfing, large outdoor spaces along the waterfront for leisure as well as large parks and green areas aimed at environmental preservation and nature walks. It is a perfect place not only for sightseeing as to live well. Who knows, he has no desire to leave.

Appearances and neighborhood characteristics

The Recreio dos Bandeirantes it is a neighborhood with predominance of houses in some areas, and low-rise buildings on the promenade facing the sea, as well as the next blocks. These buildings somewhat low, are a hallmark of the neighborhood, with almost standardized as the "building codes" or neighborhood construction legislation was thought in those terms, not making the same mistakes of traditional southern and not repeat mega scheme condominiums with Barra da Tijuca skyscrapers.

The neighborhood is also in a way a continuation of the famous Barra da Tijuca, as the playground of the beach is an extension of the continuous strip of sand that comes from the Barra da Tijuca.

For those who look to the side of Barra da Tijuca, see the background to Pedra da Gávea and Pedra Bonita, and who's on the Beach Recreation and looks at the opposite side, you see a rock formation called Pontal Tim Maia.

Recreio dos Bandeirantes is basically a lowland district, since when entering it following its perpendicular to the beach, we are soon faced with declines that put parts of the neighborhood below the sea level.

Also, the neighborhood is quite "sectored", ie there are predominantly residential areas and areas of large trades along major avenues of fast traffic, with huge supermarkets surrounded by large parking lots.

What to do in Recreio?

Main beaches of Recreio

The main beaches in the neighborhood are the Pleasure Beach, which is the next turning to the Barra da Tijuca, and the Pontal and Macumba beaches, which are after a rock called Pontal Tim Maia. They are easy to be located and great to enjoy a beautiful sunny day. Not to mention that are ideal for swimming, because they have clean and calm waters.

Bike path and recreational areas on boardwalks

Just across the Pleasure Beach, there is great outdoor recreational areas on boardwalks where you can walk, do gymnastics on equipment available on site, as well as rollerblading or skateboarding.

A bike path of Recreio and follows along the whole border of Rio de Janeiro, where many kiosks are available with tables along the whole border.

Among the automotive slopes that surround the beach, there are wide lawns composing the landscaping of the site, where many people walk in leisure time and make up picnics.

Echologic Park

The Ecological Park Municipal Natural Chico Mendes is an interesting area of ​​embedded environmental preservation in the middle of the neighborhood, having a Lagoinha call lagoon to the center of it and a lot of green around the pond. It's a great place to stroll with the family, especially if all like to have a closer contact with nature and everything.

shopping Centers

In terms of shopping malls, the neighborhood has the Recreation Shopping, which is located next to Barra da Tijuca, and is quite large, with many shops, food courts and everything a large mall has. But beyond this, there are other malls around the neighborhood, a little smaller, of course.

Gastronomy Recreio

The cuisine of Recreio dos Bandeirantes does not lack ... It has a plethora of excellent restaurants around the neighborhood. And besides, it has several bars that serve traditional cold beer and some snacks to eat "praying". So when is there, be sure to try the flavors Recreio.

Vacation Rentals in Recreio dos Bandeirantes

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