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Vacation rental in Jacarepaguá
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Vacation Rentals in Jacarepaguá - RJ

Jacarepagua is a lovely middle-class neighborhood and middle-class west of Rio de Janeiro area. It is located in the Baixada Jacarepaguá, between the Massif da Tijuca and Pedra Branca State Park, and also the northern edge of the lagoons of Jacarepaguá and Tijuca. It is one of those lugarzinhos of Rio de Janeiro you can not miss. As well as being a very nice neighborhood, has several sights and attractions in various areas of culture such as music, theater, dance, film, literature, among others.

History Jacarepaguá - RJ

Founded in the seventeenth century, Jacarepagua was born from farms and sugar mills installed there. In the century. XIX, the cane was replaced by coffee and in the early twentieth century with the coffee price decline gradually, the region was occupied by small farmers who practiced subexistencia agriculture and produced you live to supply the market of Rio de Janeiro. But today, the park is produced on small farms banana, persimmon and cassava, which are sometimes discharged by donkey as over 100 years ago. This contributed to the district develop a quite residential character, with few urban centers concentrating large trade and services in the region.

The recent discovery estate, mainly influenced by neighboring Barra da Tijuca, has much driven the growth of the neighborhood, including in relation to season rental properties.

Recreation and services in Jacarepagua neighborhood

The few urban centers allow you to keep the proximity of nature, which is very well represented by the White Stone State Park, one of the largest forests in the world city, which is on the border with the neighborhood Vargem Grande. It is still another wonder, the White Stone Peak, highest point in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

But who is the end of a ride with less green still have options: Center Shopping Rio in the heart of the neighborhood, and the Quality Shopping in Town, gather many leisure options. And if you want even more, the famous Barra da Tijuca is just on the side, with all it has to offer.

And besides the multitude of things for your leisure, Jacarepagua also has services Jacarepagua Clinical Hospital and Rios D'or, always ready to serve.

Vacation Homes in Jacarepaguá - RJ

The tourist potential of the district attracts the attention of several good and large construction companies that increasingly invest in new buildings. Fact that generates benefits to tourists looking for a flat or house rentals in the Jacarepagua neighborhood.

TemporadaLivre knows the best apartments and second homes in the city and gather all the offers in one place to help you plan your trip.

Houses and Apartments for Rent for Season

When you search for apartments or houses to rent for season in Jacarepagua, use our filters to help you choose the features that best fit their will. Renting a house, even for the season, it is a matter of attention to detail.

Publish properties in Jacarepagua to rent for season

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