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Vacation in Piúma

Piúma, in the south of Espírito Santo and is a very sought after summer city by tourists from various parts of Brazil and the world. In the way that tourists like, Piúma is beautiful, quiet and has facilities for those who like to enjoy the hottest season of the year with family and / or friends without spending much. And if it is to spend, let it be the energies amidst the fun that the trip provides.

The beaches of Piúma have their own peculiarities and style. The beach of Pau Grande, for example, has a rough sea and, precisely for this reason, is the favorite of surfers. Maria Neném is quiet and ideal for families with children. But, undoubtedly, the most popular beach in the city is exactly the beach of Piúma, which is also known as Corujão beach and Linda beach.

But anyone who thinks Piuma is just beach is wrong. For those who enjoy ecotourism with a dash of adventure, one tip is to climb Mount Aghá and have a perfect view of all the coast. In addition, in Piúma, it has the famous shell crafts and a delicious local cuisine, based on freshly arrived seafood brought by fishermen and seafood scavengers.

Beaches of Piúma

Beach of Piúma

This is the main beach of the city and it receives different names: popularly, some people call it the beach of the Owl and Linda beach. It is an urban beach, very busy and has enough kiosks with chairs scattered all over the beach.

The beach is on the waterfront, close to many shops and therefore many people rent houses in this region to spend the holidays. This is a beach for those who want to drink, play outside and catch the sun with a spectacular view to Mount Aghá, characteristic mountain of the city. Definitely, this is not a beach for those who want tranquility.

During the night, the waterfront is quite busy and a good option is to eat in the restaurants or snack bars that are there. In the summer, a craft fair is set up.

Beach of Acaiaca

It is, practically, an extension of the beach of Piúma and, therefore, maintains the same characteristics. There, however, the strip of restinga is more preserved and the sand is very dark - it becomes black. The beach is right in front of the islands of the Possum, the Middle and the Kids.

Sweet Beach

This beach is on the island of Gambá, is connected to the mainland by a road. It is a very small beach and always has some boats anchored. If it were not for dirt and pollution, the landscape would be perfect. The beach Sweet, receives strong influence of the region of mangrove that advances by the New River.

little beach

The beach is also on the island of the Possum. This is another small beach with lots of waves breaking on the rocks. There, park the car and walk quietly to the cove that faces the other islands.

Pau Grande Beach

This beach is very little away from the center, and to get there one must follow a road that cuts a lot. The sea is very hectic, especially at high tide, when the waves break hard on the rocks, so few people dare to enter the water. So, enjoy the chestnut shade as you try the snacks offered by the few kiosks that work mainly during the summer.

Maria Neném beach

This is the last beach in Piúma before reaching Itapemirim. It has a large area of ​​Restinga and the road is dirt, without pavement. The Maria Neném is quite extensive and in all its border there are many houses. There are not many shops, just a few bars that usually put chairs in the sand to welcome the bathers.

The sea is quite hectic, but the waves are not very strong, and the water has a brownish color. The sand strip is quite extensive and some islands can be seen in the sea.

When to go to Piúma

Piúma is much more crowded in the summer, like most cities in the coast of Espírito Santo. In December and January, during school holidays, it is very common to see families enjoying the sea and the beauties of the city. During this period the rain showers are fast and strong, but temperatures are always close to 30 degrees.

In the middle season, especially in spring, the days are beautiful, sunny and the temperature more pleasant. At that time, the prices of the daily houses and apartments of season are much more in account.

Other Vacation Properties in Piúma

If you are in your plans to spend a great weekend or holiday, or even enjoy the holidays on the coast of Espírito Santo, the main tip of comfort and economy is the rental season in Piúma. The various houses and holiday apartments of the place offers total convenience and practicality, in addition to a great economy.

Houses to rent in Piúma

You will find excellent homes for the season rentals in Piúma in the Free Season. This is a great choice especially for groups of friends or for families who need more space for leisure.

Apartments to rent in Piúma

If the Your preference is the apartments for rent season in Piúma, know that they are also a great option of lodging for those who seek total privacy, ample comfort and tranquility ideal so that your rest is really pleasant and unforgettable. If you are an owner or realtor. 

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